Recruitment of Talents


“Get a right talent at a right price”

From young professional talents to executive search, we can recruit for you a right talent to join your company.


We are strong in understanding and observing people and with experience in interviewing and recruiting we can recruit for you right people to join your company or organization.


Our practice is confidentially confidential, ethical and non-conflict of interest and we protect our clients’ interests.


Why should you hire a young talent?


Young professional talents can bring new perspectives and ideas into your company or organization. They might come up with creative and innovative ideas that previous generations have never thought off.


At the Phnom Penh Business School, our training programs are designed based on today’s global needs. The students learn real world and work in relevant projects which are created for them to gain appropriate level of practical experiences.


We are committed to work with companies or organizations to place our students (of Certificate-Based and Employment Programs) in relevant job positions to ensure they can grow to their full potential. You can choose to work with us to recruit our students through funding or partnership programs.