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“Transform your ideas into businesses”

Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in diversifying economic opportunities, creating jobs, and empowering the rights of individuals. It is all about the transformation of an idea into an enterprise that creates value economic, social, cultural, or intellectual. In addition, promoting women entrepreneurship helps to empower them fairer gender equity and rights in our society.

At Phnom Penh Business School, we are committed to work with local, regional and international partners to bring in entrepreneurial experiences, concepts and successful stories of entrepreneurs around the world into these entrepreneurship programs. We initiate these training opportunities to help men and women who want to become entrepreneurs realize their dreams. These entrepreneurial programs are designed into main courses:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in Technology
  • Entrepreneurship in Arts
  • Entrepreneurship in Sports
  • Entrepreneurship in Fast Food
  • Entrepreneurship in Sciences
  • Starting Up a Business
  • Starting Up a Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Business Creativity and Innovation
  • Business Plan for Startup
  • Analysis of Business Opportunities

Contact Head of the Program here: educate-executive@ppbschool.com

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Social Entrepreneurship and Business Startup



10th Capability Program, an entrepreneurship and leadership program with experiential learning, aiming to help those whose dream is to become social entrepreneur or business entrepreneur. This training program will be coached and trained by group of Cambodian and European coaches. Participants in this program are from Cambodia and European countries from different companies. They will learn the concepts and apply the concepts and theories into real project.
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