Sophiep Chat

Sophiep Chat
Senior Trainer and Consultant
Sophiep’s history of work spans over sixteen years with a number of organizations, with various specialized roles and duties. He frequently finds himself in leadership positions because of his ability to bring people together. His approach to working with others is to listen carefully, respect all points of view and help create a supportive work environment. When working with team as well as one-on-one that he serves, Sophiep is empathic, caring and constructive. He is capable, measured, entrepreneurial-minded person whose skills and personal style will make him an asset to an organization that can benefit from his experience. He coaches supervisors and managers in handling people-based issues and leadership skills.Sophiep’s unique aptitude is in understanding the role of attitude in performance and he carries the techniques in how to shift attitudes to create optimal results. His passion in developing sustainable leadership modality remains as core motivation for every role he undertakes. He enjoys his work and displays contagious enthusiasm. Sophiep’s past and present work includes current employment with ChildFund as the Sponsor Relations Manager. Prior to his present role, he worked as independent consultant/trainer conducted leadership training and coaching for local and international organisations. He was once employed by ChildFund as the National Consultant (for 6 months – 2007). He was recruited by ChildFund as the Program Manager responsible for program operations in Cambodia (2008-2010). He was responsible for developing and managing programs, staffing and supervision. During 2012 to early 2013 he was recruited by American Jewish World Service (AJWS) as Country Representative for Cambodia. He was once employed by the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) in Cambodia as the Planning Advisor to support the Good Governance Reform Program of the Royal Government of Cambodia.  
ID Course name Duration Timeline
ML009 Leading and Managing Teams 2 days 03/23/2017 -  03/24/2017