Gérard VANN
Principal Consultant
Gérard VANN is a Cambodian-born, Swiss citizen who holds an Engineering Master degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) as well as a PMP certification  (Project Management Professional) from PMI which is the most important industry-recognized certification for Project Managers.
Richard Veldon
Chair of Project Management and Principal Consultant
He has behind him a wealth of experience with major international contractors and property developers and has an enviable track record of delivering a broad range of large scale projects in the UK, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. He has a rare blend of experience and academic achievement and as a result is well qualified to converse about Further Education in the Built Environs.
Nitin Damodara
Senior Trainer and Business Coach
Nitin is a banking, investment and technology professional with an experience spanning over 20 years pertaining to leadership and management roles in highly competitive and regulated international markets. Flawless executor who is result oriented with quest for excellence, he is an analytical strategist who can successfully analyze markets and efficiently deliver bespoke solutions to client’s need, implement innovative marketing and sales strategies to maximize revenues.
Tivea Touch
Senior Trainer and Lecturer


Chanvuthy Ouk
Lead Trainer and Consultant
Chanvuthy graduated his Master Degree in Development Management (MDM) from International Master Program at Norton University, Cambodia (2012); BBA (1996), majoring in Accounting and Industrial Mechanics Diploma (1986), Professional Technical School No 9, former USSR.   He has substantial experiences in teaching, coaching and mentoring Cambodians individuals, organizations, institutions, and private businesses since 1997, as he was an instructor of the Secondary School of Business (a government’s educational institution, in Phnom Penh), the Lead Trainer of SILAKA organization (a leading educational organization in Cambodia), Consultant with long term contract (11year period) with Cardno Emerging Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd to perform services to develop training curriculum and Participatory methods in relation to CAVAC program in Cambodia.   He was trained by international teams (in Vietnam and Thailand) on advanced knowledge of adult learning methods for social activists and SMEs (small and medium entrepreneurs) from 2000 to 2003. He has conducted and facilitated many training projects so far as shown below and classified into the following core fields:   Finance, such as: Basic Financial Management for non-accountant; Internal Financial Controlling, Business Accounting.   Administrative, such as: Training of Trainers (TOT); Advanced TOT; Presentation & facilitation Skills; Team Building; Professional Report Writing Skills; Communication and Negotiation Skills; Leadership Skills; Effective Meeting Facilitation; Forum Organization.   Business, such as: Business Marketing; Business Skills for Young Entrepreneur; Basic Marketing Research.   Development Management and Governance, such as: PCM; Participatory Rapid Appraisal; Project Planning Utilizing Logical Framework Approach; Project Management;  Project Monitoring and Evaluation; Good Governance & Social Accountability (approaches and tools in the Cambodian Context); Citizen Engagement-Innovative Approaches in the Cambodian Context; Basic Community Development; Motivation & Empowerment; Community Participation; Community Organizing.   Management, such as: Supervision Skills; Proposal Writing for Funding & Fundraising; Strategic Planning; Performance Management.  
Van Oul
Senior Trainer and Principal Consultant
Van is a successful entrepreneur for his businesses: Line Management Group Co., Ltd, Bayon Book Center, and Sunflower Printing House with a high sense of experience and responsibility in managing and leading business. Apart from his businesses, he is a senior professional trainer and consultant in Marketing and Sales, Management and Leadership, Business Development and soft skill trainings. So far, he has been working as a business consultant, advisor and coach for many business consultants, HR consulting firms, NGOs, banks, microfinance institutions, private companies and public institutions in Cambodia. He is a professional Trainer for WTO, UNCTAD, MPDF and many other organizations.   Van also lectures for several universities in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh International University, Cambodian Mekong University, Cambodian University of Specialty, Dewy International University, and IIC, etc. He holds an MBA from Charles Sturt University, Australia and obtains a certificate of Certified Trainer of Trade from Canada.   As a business leader, manager and government official, he has been successfully negotiating on many high-profile matters within Cambodia and with other parties in many foreign countries. His professional experiences include:   General Manager of Asia Tune Hotel, a 4-star hotel based in Phnom Penh ( ). Managing Director of Line Management Group Co., Ltd (, Bayon Book Center, and Sunflower Printing House Chief office, Government Financial Statistics, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia. Consultant Trainer and Coach at Phnom Penh Business School ( Associate Trainer of CAMBODIAN FEDERATION OF EMPLOYERS AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (CAMFEBA) Associate Trainer of Educational Development Institute (EDI), Associate Trainer at Regent School of Business and Sovannaphumi University Trainer and Senior Consultant ITMS and Trainer at RVMS Int’l (Cambodia) Trainer at Mekong Project Development Facility of World Bank (MPDF & Business Edge Training Program) Vice Rector IIC University of Technology, MBA and BB A Lecturer BBA Lecturer at   Asian University, MBA Lecturer   at  Cambodia University for Specialist and MBA Lecturer   at Royal Academy of Police   Van has been top leading and managing several companies and consulting for many local and international companies and organizations on areas of executive coaching, sales, marketing, management and leadership, strategic planning, customer services, communication, project management, sales negotiation, business deal negotiation and other soft-skill training courses. He has trained and coached more than one thousand executives and managers across Cambodia so far.
Soeur Huon
Senior Trainer and Labour Law Expert


Sophiep Chat
Senior Trainer and Consultant
Sophiep’s history of work spans over sixteen years with a number of organizations, with various specialized roles and duties. He frequently finds himself in leadership positions because of his ability to bring people together. His approach to working with others is to listen carefully, respect all points of view and help create a supportive work environment. When working with team as well as one-on-one that he serves, Sophiep is empathic, caring and constructive. He is capable, measured, entrepreneurial-minded person whose skills and personal style will make him an asset to an organization that can benefit from his experience. He coaches supervisors and managers in handling people-based issues and leadership skills.Sophiep’s unique aptitude is in understanding the role of attitude in performance and he carries the techniques in how to shift attitudes to create optimal results. His passion in developing sustainable leadership modality remains as core motivation for every role he undertakes. He enjoys his work and displays contagious enthusiasm. Sophiep’s past and present work includes current employment with ChildFund as the Sponsor Relations Manager. Prior to his present role, he worked as independent consultant/trainer conducted leadership training and coaching for local and international organisations. He was once employed by ChildFund as the National Consultant (for 6 months – 2007). He was recruited by ChildFund as the Program Manager responsible for program operations in Cambodia (2008-2010). He was responsible for developing and managing programs, staffing and supervision. During 2012 to early 2013 he was recruited by American Jewish World Service (AJWS) as Country Representative for Cambodia. He was once employed by the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) in Cambodia as the Planning Advisor to support the Good Governance Reform Program of the Royal Government of Cambodia.  
Dr Eric Mousset
Associate Trainer and Consultant with a varied range of qualifications