Social Entrepreneurship and Business Startup

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Startup

Program Information

Phnom Penh Business School and BOOKBRIDGE jointly conduct the 10th Capability Program, an entrepreneurship and leadership program with experiential learning, aiming to help those whose dream is to become social entrepreneur or business entrepreneur. This training program will be coached and trained by group of Cambodian and European coaches. Participants in this program are from Cambodia and European countries from different companies. They will learn the concepts and apply the concepts and theories into real project. The experiential project is to help a Cambodian community hero set up a sustainable learning center. From experiment with this real project, participants gain hands-on experiences that they can apply with their startup or business projects.



BOOKBRIDGE is a German-Swiss social enterprise that builds business and leadership skills through experiential learning. We make people think and act as real entrepreneurs, lead themselves and lead others. Together with our partners, we shape the next generation of leaders.


What Is Capability Program?

The Capability Program is an experienced-based leadership development program to shape the next generation of leaders. Real entrepreneurs, young professionals and experienced managers from Europe jointly set out to make a difference in Cambodia. Together with local candidates of the Capability Program, they conceptualize, setup and monitor their own community-based learning center as a social enterprise. The personal learning journey as an entrepreneur will teach them how to work in cross-cultural teams, how to create a business plan from scratch and how to find their role within a highly diverse team.


What Is Your Role?
Together with a team of Cambodian talents, you join our 10th Capability Program to be held locally in Siem Reap running from April 27, 2017 to October 25, 2017 under supervision of a local coach. The program involves 18 full-days of participating and one-hour bi-weekly online status calls in 5 modules over 6 months. You also work with our local entrepreneur and European candidates to conceptualize, setup and monitor a community-based learning center as a social business.


What Do We Offer You?

Upon participating in the Capability Program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • pay small program fee only $350/participant
  • participate in the program with small tuition fee while European candidates have to pay high fees
  • learn cutting-edge leadership & entrepreneurship skills through a real business challenge, business start-up, and project management from highly competent business & leadership coaches
  • be part of the Family of BOOKBRIDGE BridgeBuilder and network with European candidates who are executives/managers from big companies in Europe
  • receive a certificate detailing the program content upon successful completion of the program


Who Are Eligible To Join The Program?

We are looking for candidates who are university student (preferably in final year), fresh graduates, young professionals & entrepreneurs and meet the following requirements:

  • Committing highly to participate fully in the Capability Program
  • Having communicable English and critical thinking skills
  • Being a self-confident, open-minded, flexible learner
  • Having a strong passion for innovative social businesses
  • Having a strong drive to become an entrepreneur and/or leader is an asset

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send your motivational letter and CV to The deadline is March 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm. For any questions, please contact Mr. Sanha Nhor via his mobile phone 089 738387. Visit for more information. (or )

Modules Dates Key Objectives Duration Location
Module 1 Apr 27-29, 2017 ·         Introduce to BOOKBRIDGE

·         Understand Social Enterprise

·         Design Business Model Canvas

·         Introduce theory of change and how to measure social impact

·         Set up project management structure

3 days Siem Reap
Module 2 June 9-11, 2017 ·         Introduce bookkeeping and managing cash flow

·         Introduce marketing and sales

·         Understand how to develop a business plan

3 days Siem Reap and Virtually
Module 3 Jul 19-21, 2017 ·         Prepare for pitching business plan to local partner / investor

·         Set implementation plan for business plan

3 days Siem Reap
Module 4 Sep 8-17, 2017 ·         Implement the business plan on-site

·         Reflect on key lessons learnt

7 days Siem Reap
Module 5 Oct 24-25, 2017 ·         Analysis of the program impact

·         Reflect business and leadership skills learned

2 day Siem Reap


Why is this program?

This program will provide you the principles, concepts and insight knowledge about entrepreneurship, business skill, sales and marketing, project management practices, leadership plus that you will learn from best practical experiences shared by our coaches.

In this program you will also have opportunity to meet, network and share your experiences with all participants from European countries who are senior managers and business executives.

Read here for more information about this program

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  2. BookBridge in Cambodia:


About the Trainers and Coaches

This program will be trained by Chanthorn Theng from Cambodia; Nathalie Moral from Europe and some other advisory coaches from Europe.


Chanthorn Theng joined Phnom Penh Business School in 2014 as Head of the Business School. Currently he is Chair of Entrepreneurship and Business Startup Program. His key experiences derived from human resources management, training and development and business management. He   has played   key   roles   in   driving   success   to   the organizations and companies he has worked for. Since 2014, he has started up 2 companies that include ToucanAsia and CAMBOTRANS, 2 fast growing startups. He delivers training courses including project management, entrepreneurship, business planning, sales and marketing, business management, training and development, human resources management, strategic planning, critical thinking and problem solving, negotiation skill, management and leadership, presentation and public speaking, employee motivation and team building. His vision is to drive Phnom Penh Business School to deliver world-class quality training and education for Cambodian people, companies and organizations in Cambodia.

Employment History

  • Head of the Business School, Phnom Penh Business School
  • Managing Director, ToucanAsia (
  • Managing Director, CAMBOTRANS (
  • Managing Director, Bridge International


  • Master Degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management, Université Lumière Lyon 2 (affiliate of Université Lumière Lyon 2 in France)
  • Graduate in International Relations, University of Cambodia (UC), Cambodia
  • Graduate in Finance and Banking, University of Puthisastra (UP), Cambodia


Nathalie Moral from mavia, BA in business administration from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland, accompanies our participants in their personal learning journey. Nathalie is managing partner and founder of mavia, a social finance and philanthropy advisory firm based in Zurich. mavia offers its clients independent, personal and professional advice in strategic philanthropy, while collaborating with top tier implementers worldwide. Nathalie’s background is in management consulting and financial services, having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in London and Bain & Company in Zurich. Prior to founding mavia, Nathalie was part of the LGT Venture Philanthropy team first in the role of an investment manager for Latin America, then heading the philanthropy advisory team.


Accompanying her grass root experience within the non-profit sector in Bogota Colombia supporting Escuela Nueva in the areas of financial planning and international expansion strategy, Nathalie is co-author of “International Expansion of Escuela Nueva: a transformative pedagogy on a global scale” a case study supervised by professor Johanna Mair former professor at IESE Busines School in Barcelona, Spain.


Previous participants who attended this program included:

  • Vang Ravy, School Director and Head of Learning Center, Salarien Kumpuchea
  • Ratha Piv, Duty Manager, Front Office Department, Pacific Hotel and School Director, World English School
  • Chandy Song, Accountant and Assistant Director, Salariin Kampuchea NGO
  • Phorn Em, Volunteer Coordinator, Cambodia Volunteer Foundation
  • Emmy Stenqvist Karlsson, Logistics Expert, HILTI Sweden
  • Clara Maingi, Operations Manager, Swiss Re USA
  • Eleanor Nevil, Management Consultant at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
  • Marcel Vogt, ICT System Engineer, Swisscom
  • Mike Kok Benson, Account Manager, HILTI Denmark
  • Monica Rios , Oracle Database Developer, Swisscom
  • Lisa Vongraevenitz, Logistics Manager at Hilti, Finland
  • Grazyna Kosno, Key Account Manager at Hilti, Sweden
  • Kim Schou Nielsen, Key Account Manager hos Hilti Danmark
  • Jonh Reidy, Product Manager, HILTI Ireland
  • Boris Rudolf, Head, Competence Center Web Portals, Swisscom AG
  • Alison Mclean, Head of Behavioral Research, SWISS RE


Deadline of Enrollment
Please, submit your enrollment latest by April 14, 2017.

Fees, Payment and Cancellation
After enrollment notification, we will send you an invoice via email. Payment of the program fees is required to be made prior to the start of the program. Participants can request to make the payment after completion of the program within 15 days of the invoice date. We accept payments by bank wire transfer, company checks and cash. Participants are required to notice us about their cancellation at least 7 days prior to the training and the fees will be fully refunded. Notice of cancellation less than 7 days will be fully charged. Notice of cancellation shall be notified via written email.


Phnom Penh Business School reserves the rights to change the programs, dates, fees, and trainers to ensure quality, effectiveness and standard preparation.

  • Venue: BOOKBRIDGE CAMBODIA (in Siem Reap City).
  • Language of Instruction: Khmer and English
  • Program fee: USD350 (includes refreshment and training materials. No tax for individual participant who pays their own fee. 15% withholding tax will be grossed up to invoice for those participants registered and paid by their companies.)
  • Telephone: +855 23 900 706 (Khmer or English)
    Mobile: +855 17 481 677 (Khmer or English)
  • Close Enrollment: April 14, 2017
  • Telephone: +855 23 900 706 (Khmer or English)
  • Mobile: +855 17 481 677 (Khmer or English)

Download the program brochure here!