Developing New Leaders

Developing New Leaders

Program Information

Program Overview

This program is designed for a wide range of individuals or professionals, but will greatly benefit: all senior and intermediate management staffs who want to develop their profession at a higher level in management and effective leadership.

By the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Provide the essential tool for developing managers to acquire a strong and effective leadership
  • Provide the new manager level to establish a vision, inspire others, think strategically, respond rapidly to change, and take decisive action,
  • Use interpersonal & Communication and listening skills to increase their leadership performance
  • Adopt appropriately leadership styles and capable to empower others to become a successful manager and leader
  • Solve conflicts using win-win approaches
  • Understand the notion of needs & motivation, satisfaction
  • Understand the EI (Emotional Intelligence) concept which can help manager or leader in its daily management
  • Motivate staff for better performance and retention
  • Create plans to manage change leading to continuous improvement
  • Apply effective coaching and appraisal techniques
  • Reduce staff turnover and create better workplace environment


Although no experience is required for this course, but people who have proved greater management abilities will certainly be a benefit.

Programme Content

Day-1  Developing New Leaders: Going Beyond Management Basics

It’s a key task for managers: developing the company’s next generation of leaders.

  • Definition of leadership
  • What is the leadership ? Common point of Leading vs Managing
  • Are you really ready for a leadership position?
  • How to Develop Future Leaders ?
    • Four Keys to New Leader Development: Integration, Application, Time, Relevance
    • Some characteristics of effective leaders & Best managers
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Key success factors of an inspired leader
  • Essential skills for effective managers (see also Appendix: SUPERVISORY SKILLS CHECKLIST)
  • The most critical leadership skills
  • Leadership styles: Authoritarian, Democratic, Laissez-Faire, Transactional, …
  • What supervisory or management style is better suited to the organization ?
  • Personal / Organizational Conflict & Problem solving: Steps to solve problem & Conflict
  • Different tools & Techniques of root cause identification: fish bone. 5 Whys, Process mapping, Swot.
  • Delegation Process, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • 12 Behaviors to adopt to become a more effective manager

Day-2: Interpersonal Communication, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Coaching & Mentoring & Performance Evaluation

  • Interpersonal, communication: non-verbal Body language, Active Listening
  • Common barriers to communication
  • 5 Super Effective Ways to Become a Great Communicator
  • Team Building process
  • The benefit of working together
  • New style of leadership: Emotional Intelligence (EI): new style of leadership, Why is EQ important?
  • How to motivate people and yourself ? :‘Maslow Pyramid’, the 20 key motivators
  • Why people leave ?
  • Turn difficult people and poor performers into team players
  • Coaching, mentoring,
  • KPI and KPM: Key Performance Indicator & Key Performance Measure
  • Performance Management Program (PMP)
  • Discussion group (case study): Team building and team collaboration
  • Discussion group (case study): How to communicate effectively
  • Discussion group (case study):  Emotional intelligence
  • Group Discussion (case study): Perfomance evaluation – KPI/KPM
  • Leadership & Team building game

Why Executive Education matters?

A mix of diverse participants is an important part of each program. Phnom Penh Business School welcomes experienced executive, managers and leaders who has a broad range experiences from different industries, functions and backgrounds into our training programs. This enriches learning experiences for every program that most benefit participants.

A mix of diverse participants from different industries and background also provides opportunities for our participants to explore professional networking opportunities with all participants, trainers and coaches of every program.

Some of previous participants who attended this program include:

HSE Manager, Total Cambodge

Project Manager, Cambodia Airports

Country Manager, Agility Logistics Limited, Cambodia

Project Manager, Toucan Asia

Head of Finance, Huotraco International Limited

Head of Office Management, JLC Sourcing and Services, Cambodia

Senior Compliance Coordinator, JLC Sourcing and Services, Cambodia

Operations Manager, Hagar Catering and Facilities Management, Cambodia

Business Manager, ROCRETE (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd

Training Manager, RMA Group, Cambodia

Sales Manager, CAMBOTRANS, Cambodia

“By attending this program, you will also have the opportunity to build network with other senior executives from other companies and organizations.”


About the Senior Consultant and Trainer


“The trainer has inspired me as he tells me different ideas on how to be a good manager and leader. I have broader ideas of how a good leader is all about. Thanks to other participants, I can also learn a lot of different ideas from different business sectors.” _ Chhean Lim, Marketing Manager, CAMBOTRANS COMPANY (Cambodia).


“Successful managers and leaders always keep learning. And I reflected myself, my quality and philosophy. I found my path of leadership”. _ Quality Control Manager, Total Cambodge


Program fee: USD300 (Lunch, coffee, snacks, learning materials are included. Tax is exclusive. No tax for individual participants who pay their own fee. 15% withholding tax will be grossed up to invoice for those participants registered by their companies.)

Schedule: 27 – 28 March 2019

Venue: Le Garden Restaurant (Phnom Penh)

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Telephone: +855 17 481 677


Closing enrollment: 24 March 2019!