Cambodian Taxation and Compliance

Cambodian Taxation and Compliance

Program Information

Cambodian Taxation and Compliance

April 6 – 7, 2017


Program Overview
This is a practical training program designed for people who are responsible for tax compliance and preparation of tax declaration. Especially, those who involve in business decision should have good knowledge about Cambodia tax law.

“Any business operates in Cambodia should comply with Cambodia tax law. Thus, they should be well aware of how taxes are applied to their operations!”

To ensure business run well in compliance with the law is a legal obligation, but are always rooms to discuss in this law and so being knowledgeable about the tax law can help companies optimize profit and pay less tax.
After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Know the overall picture of Cambodian tax system and practices
  • Understand different types of taxes
  • Know the process in getting commercial and tax invoice
  • Calculate and prepare monthly and yearly tax declaration
  • Avoid tax evasion and non-compliance penalty
  • Know how to deal with tax authority effectively


Who should attend this program?

  • Managing directors, CEOs, Investors, Board of directors, functional managers, accountants and financial managers
  • Human resource managers, auditors, lawyers and compliance officers and managers


Program Content
Module 1: Introduction to Cambodian Taxation

  • Rules & regulations governing the business registration
  • Cambodian tax system
  • Right and Obligation of Taxpayer


Module 2: Monthly Tax Preparation and Declaration

  • Tax on Salary
  • Residency Status
  • Prepayment Profit Tax and Minimum Tax
  • Salary Tax Rate and Calculations
  • Fringe Benefits and Tax


Module 3: Tax on Profit

  • Taxable income Vs. Tax Exempted Income
  • Deductible Expense Vs. Non-Deductible Expense
  • Deductible but Subject to Limitation
  • Tax Rate and Prepayment of Profit Tax
  • Minimum Tax and Loss Carried Forward


Module 4: Withholding Tax

  • Concept of Withholding Tax
  • Withholding Tax Rates
  • Withholding Agent


Module 5: Value added tax

  • Value Added Tax
  • Taxable and Non-taxable Supply
  • Input Tax Deductible and Non-deductible
  • Tax Burden


Module 6: Other kinds of tax

  • Tax on Accommodation
  • Public Lighting Tax
  • Specific Tax
  • Patent Tax
  • Immovable Property Tax


Some of previous participants who attended this program include:

Finance and Accounting Manager

Prince Finance Plc


Legal Manager

AMK Microfinance Plc


Managing Director



Finance Supervisor

Renaissance Minerals ( Cambodia) Ltd


Operations Manager

Cambotrans Company


  • Program fee: USD270 (Lunch, coffee, snacks, learning materials are included. Tax is exclusive. No tax for individual participants who pay their own fee. 15% withholding tax will be grossed up to invoice for those participants registered by their companies.)
  • Venue: InterContinental Hotel/Sunway Hotel (Phnom Penh)
  • Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Language of instruction: Khmer (will be instructed in English if there are non-Khmer participants)


Deadline of Enrollment
Please, submit your enrollment latest by March 31, 2017.

Fees, Payment and Cancellation
After enrollment notification, we will send you an invoice via email. Payment of the program fees is required to be made prior to the start of the program. Participants can request to make the payment after completion of the program within 15 days of the invoice date. We accept payments by bank wire transfer, company checks and cash.

Participants are required to notice us about their cancellation at least 7 days prior to the training and the fees will be fully refunded. Notice of cancellation less than 7 days will be fully charged. Notice of cancellation shall be notified via written email.

Phnom Penh Business School reserves the rights to change the programs, dates, fees, and trainers to ensure quality, effectiveness and standard preparation.