Advanced Management and Leadership for High Performance Executives

Advanced Management and Leadership for High Performance Executives

Program Information

Programme Overview

A successful organization is created when the leader provides a clear sense of purpose, while focusing on building an environment where members of personnel are empowered, motivated and challenged, and where individuals like what they are doing.

“How do we lead and manage our team and organization effectively to be a successful organization?”

If you are a team leader or business manager responsible for leading and managing a work team or a dynamic organization or want to take on such a role, this training programme will benefit you!

Objectives and benefits from this programme:

  • Provide keys of becoming effective managers
  • As a business leader, how to motivating, coaching and inspiring people
  • How managers can improve their roles as a people leader
  • How to build leadership resilient
  • As managers, how to conduct regular employee’s performance assessment
  • Get better results as manager, motivating, coaching and inspiring people
  • How to hold an effective and productive ‘brainstorming’ session
  • Manage effectively the process of innovation
  • Prioritizing task and managing time
  • Manage emotions and stress during intense crisis or conflict resolution
  • Fairly measure, evaluate and reward employee’s performance
  • Effectively manage the process of innovation and change management
  • New style of leadership: how EI (Emotional Intelligence) can help company and their managers in daily management


Although no experience is required for this course, but people who have proved greater management abilities will certainly be a benefit.

Programme Content

Leadership and Management Skills

  • What is the leadership?
  • Why do we want to be a manager?
  • Become an exceptional manager
  • New <paradigm> of leadership
  • How to manage effectively the transformational and the innovation process
  • Essential Skills for managers
  • Qualities of effective manager

Leadership Styles and Quality

  • Different leadership management style
  • The most critical success factors of manager
  • What really lead manager to success?
  • Behaviors to adopt to become a more effective manager
  • Do’s and Don’ts do for the real life of work
  • Conflict resolution
  • Japanese management style

Workshop: Exchange and Discussion in Class:

  • Qualities of effective manager
  • Conflict resolution

Effective manager and Emotional Intelligence (EI)

New style of leadership management and Emotional Intelligence (EI)

What Is Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman Theory, Howard Business School) ?

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation: Theory Maslov, reward system, employee appraisal
  • Social skills

The 7 C’s: How to Find and Hire Great Employees

Workshop: Social game of performance Management:

Passing the ball:  This game will provide to participants to share and learn several aspects of management skills: leadership, capacity of influencing, decision making, teamwork spirit, team building, seeking collaboration and common goal, process improvement, etc.

Why Executive Education matters?

A mix of diverse participants is an important part of each programme. Phnom Penh Business School welcomes experienced executive, managers and leaders who has a broad range experiences from different industries, functions and backgrounds into our training programmes. This enriches learning experiences for every programme that most benefit participants.

A mix of diverse participants from different industries and background also provides opportunities for our participants to explore professional networking opportunities with all participants, trainers and coaches of every programme.

Some of previous participants who attended this programme include:

HSE Manager, Total Cambodge

Project Manager, Cambodia Airports

Country Manager, Agility Logistics Limited, Cambodia

Project Manager, Toucan Asia

Head of Finance, Huotraco International Limited

Head of Office Management, JLC Sourcing and Services, Cambodia

Senior Compliance Coordinator, JLC Sourcing and Services, Cambodia

Operations Manager, Hagar Catering and Facilities Management, Cambodia

Business Manager, ROCRETE (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd

Training Manager, RMA Group, Cambodia

Sales Manager, CAMBOTRANS, Cambodia

“By attending this program, you will also have the opportunity to build network with other senior executives from other companies and organizations.”


About the Senior Consultant and Trainer

“The trainer has inspired me as he tells me different ideas on how to be a good manager and leader. I have broader ideas of how a good leader is all about. Thanks to other participants, I can also learn a lot of different ideas from different business sectors.” _ Chhean Lim, Marketing Manager, CAMBOTRANS COMPANY (Cambodia).


“Successful managers and leaders always keep learning. And I reflected myself, my quality and philosophy. I found my path of leadership”. _ Quality Control Manager, Total Cambodge


Programme fee: USD300 (Lunch, coffee, snacks, learning materials are included. Tax is exclusive. No tax for individual participants who pay their own fee. 15% withholding tax will be grossed up to invoice for those participants registered by their companies.)

Schedule: November 29-30, 2017

Venue: Asia Tune Hotel (Phnom Penh)

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Telephone: +855 23 900 706/+855 17 481 677 (Khmer or English)

E-mail:  or

Closing enrollment: November 27, 2017